Bridal Consultation/Makeup

The likely hood is is that you’ve already met me at a wedding fair somewhere in the North East.  The bridal consultation is essential in order to create the desired look on your big day.  The trial can take place months or weeks before your wedding day in the comfort of your own home orContinue Reading...

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Semi-Permanent Eyelash extensions look and feel natural and are individually applied to each natural eyelash to create a thicker, longer appearance. They are made from a synthetic material, are waterproof and do not damage the natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are suitable for almost everybody as you can have a natural looking set for daily w...

Awards and Qualifications

Leah is a qualified Makeup Artist.  She graduated from Newcastle College with Distinctions in Makeup Application & Techniques and Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatments.              ...

Makeup Lesson

Having ran her own model agency for 7 years, Leah has extensive experience in applying makeup on models for fashion shows and photo shoots.  She would now like to share her skills to help others achieve their desired looks on a 1 2 1 basis or at group presentations.  These can be done in a hotelContinue Reading...